• Waycom

    Concept & Develop New SI

    Design and develop new front-end and back-end stacks The idea is to develop severals micro-service as back-end and 2-3 front as portail which request back-end with REST API. - Python + Django + DRF as back-end
    - Angualrjs + bootstrap as front-end - Common skeleton for each backend skeleton - Common skeleton for each frotn end with same visual, component, core and settings - Authentication systeme using a JSONWebToken(JWT) forged using pub/priv keys by a back-end interfacing a SAML/SSO core - Front and Back are develop and deployed using Docker

    March 2015 - October
  • Waycom

    Calendar, Dayoff& On Call Tool

    Created internal tool for dayoff, on call and team management based on LDAP. - The tool allow users to ask and manage their holiday and give better visibility for manager. - Directors can export user's holliday of the month. - On call are assigned dynamicly by an algorythm but let the user trade dates with others and manage law-constrainte (not two week in a raw, no holliday etc...) - Dayoff are sync. with Outlook calendar - User can see validated dayoff of their direct manager and member of their teams.

    May 2015 - August
  • Waycom

    Router Provisioning Tool

    Current work

    April 2015 - Current
  • Waycom

    Firewall Configurator

    Internal tool for easy firewall configuration and backup.

    I develloped all the software (from scratch), the design, database structure to python parser. HTTP Daemon written in Python and WebInterface for Firewall configuration.

    WaycomFirewall (WFW) provide a WebInterface to end-user for rule creation and display on Waycom firewall hardware.
    - Targeted firewall: JunOS/ScreenOS/PaloAlto

    October 2015 - May 2016
  • Teacher

    Software Teacher

    Secondary school teacher (Lestonnac, Bordeaux). Student learn how to build a LEGO (NTX) robot and contol them with a computer. Student went to the 1st Robot Maker's Day tournament and to the FirstLegoLeague.
    Python, CAO, 3D Printer, mechanical and programming course.

    2014 - 2015
  • Polybox3D

    CEO & Engineer

    Co-creator of Polybox3D. Polybox 3D is a innovative multifunctions machine.
    The concept of Polybox is to integrate 4 main functions:

    * 5 axis CNC high precision
    * 3D print
    * 3D scan
    * Pictures & videos shooting

    - Dev. Control center, with touchscreen UI, RealTime linux, AVR/ARM firmware, bash scripts, pythons software, C++/Qt software, CNC software, 3D scanner software, ...
    - Business Management, from idea to start-up
    - Writting Requirements Specification
    - IT manager, machine to company materials (network setup, mail server, NAS, wiki, backup, desktop installation, ...)
    - In charge of all the communication part: Logo design, graphic theme, website, pictures, community manager ...
    - Help for mechanical CAD design and production (milling / drilling / commands)
    - Help electronic production: SMT soldering, testing and inventory management
    - And way more skills!

    August 2013 - October 2015
  • Vitirover


    A revolutionary agroecological robots, to reduce professional risk, phytosanitary inputs and costs.
    - VHDL motor component for the rover (FPGA chip)
    - Study on kinect captor and other telemetry system
    - QSIG data creator for GPS positionning
    - 3D printer construction + customisation

    February 2013 - August 2013
  • Servelots (India)

    International Internship

    Servelots is a web service provider for Small to Medium Enterprises.
    - SEO Web
    - Firefox plugin for live website renarration
    - RDF components
    - Renarration website + API

    June 2012 - August 2012

    Master's Degree in Engineering

    ENSEIRB-MATMECA is one of the 8 graduate schools of Bordeaux INP, specialized in complex systems design.

    - Theoretical and technical foundations of computing
    - Project management and IT fot the corporate world
    - Software development
    - Distributed networks and systems
    - Parallel and distributed computing
    - Robotics & embedded system
    - Software verification and dependability

    2010 - 2013
  • OpenFlyers


    Transport companiy on demand, training organization, rental company, flying club, sailing club, driving school. OpenFlyers the business management software coming from aeronautics.

    - Worked on Asterisk server (SIP), setup phone call script with DB interaction
    - Reworked call center Software
    - Create PHP API for Asterisk and CallCenter
    - Security research & network for daily database broadcast between each server

    May 2010 - August 2010
  • Technical Manager


    Charge of technique, remote work for a project manager
    - Design, improvement, and web sites's optimization
    - Implementation and integration of graphic design by CSS
    - Development of technical solutions for the SEO

    2009 - August 2010
  • Software Institute (IUT BX1)

    BTEC Higher National Diploma

    - Theoretical and technical foundations of computing
    - Software development C/C++
    - Networks Basics
    - Parallel and distributed computing
    - Software verification

    2008 - 2010